Types of Car Race Competitions
Types of Car Race Competitions

Types of Car Race Competitions

If you enjoy watching fast cars go by at a high speed, you will probably love car race competitions. Not only are they thrilling to watch, but you will also enjoy the thrill of winning. There are several different kinds of car racing competitions, including Formula races with single-seater cars and touring cars, which are less restricted than Formula One cars. Read on to learn about Porsche Supercup and IndyCar Series races.

Formula races involve single-seater cars

The Formula car race competitions are a form of motor racing in which single-seater cars compete against each other in a series of races. The competitions are divided into various classes. The highest category is Formula E, which features single-seat electric-powered racing cars. The first season of Formula E was held in 2014, and the competition’s objective was to promote sustainability and R&D for electric vehicles. The races are typically held in major cities, and are referred to as ePrix.

Touring cars are less restricted than Formula One cars

Compared to Formula One racing, the performance and cost of Touring cars is less restricted than those of the top-flight formula. The Next Generation Touring Car specification was introduced in 2011, phasing out the ‘Super 2000’ category, which was a compromise between cost-cutting and performance. The car was less restricted than its Formula One counterpart, relying on driver skill and lack of trick KERS systems.

IndyCar Series

IndyCar Series is the premier level of open-wheel racing in the United States. It was founded in 1996 by Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony George as a lower-cost alternative to the CART series. In 2008, it merged with the Champ Car World Series. Today, it is sanctioned by the IndyCar organization. There are various types of cars and drivers in this series. These cars are specialized for a particular track.

Porsche Supercup

The Porsche Supercup car race competition is a series of one-make races held in support of Formula 1 World Championships. The series draws an average of 125,000 spectators to Grand Prix circuits. According to Porsche AG, the Porsche Supercup attracts 22 million viewers worldwide. Eurosport provides coverage of the races regularly. This car race competition is a great way to see the latest Porsche technology in action. The drivers’ uniformity and the quality of the racing are also the hallmarks of the competition.

American Le Mans Series

The American Le Mans Series is the most prestigious of all car race competitions. The endurance races last between 14.5 and 20 hours, depending on the class. The race is held once per year. This event is held in France, and the teams compete in both sprint and endurance events. There are four classes, with the LMP1 class being the most elite. GT1 and GT2 cars compete in the open class, and each class consists of cars of varying ages.

Formula E

Formula E will award a Teams Championship and Drivers Championship for its first season. In 2015/16, the championship will be open to the public, with eight nominated manufacturers permitted to develop parts and powertrains for the teams. However, the FIA has yet to announce whether manufacturers will also be allowed to compete for their own championship. However, Jaguar will be eager to compete again after its loss of the 2021 championship.